Porsche Classic

„I wanted to build cars that were not something to everyone, but meant everything to some.“  Ferdinand Porsche

At Porsche, we know that a car is a value in its own right. The fact that almost 70% of all Porsche vehicles built over the years are still in use proves this. We will make sure they stay that way and grow in value over time.

This year’s Porsche Classic Road Tour will be taking place for the eighth time. This is an anticipated event, one that brings together the owners of all 2-doors Porsche sports cars that have been out of production for at least 10 years to have a great time and drive through the most beautiful places in Estonia.

The trajectory for this year’s Classic starts in picturesque Haapsalu. From there, we move on to Penijõe manor and finally arrive at the Porsche Weekend, in Audru, at the Porsche Ring.

On 2–3 July, the Porsche Ring will play host to the largest gathering of Porsches in Estonia, where, in addition to classics, both professional competition cars and new 2-door sports cars are expected. There will be entertainment and excitement for everyone. Several workshops and demo areas will be open. On the circuit, you can experience the world-class Porsche Sprint Challenge NEZ, where the best race car drivers from the Baltics and Finland will be competing against each other.

Of course, anyone who is interested can also put themselves to the test on the track or race Porsche’s latest car, the Vision GT, in a virtual world on the PlayStation simulator.

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